Football Guy of the Week Nominees: CFB Week 8 and NFL Week 7

Here at Pardon My Take, the term “Football Guy” can be attached to many different people associated with this great sport. That includes the good, the bad, and in this week’s case, the illegal stories from around the country. You won’t find a wider range of nominees up for this week’s award on both ends of the spectrum. I have a feeling I know who will come out as the winner, but it’s important to still go through with the voting process as needed. We start off in Tuscaloosa, where a legendary coach used urine to help motivate his team:

Nick Saban for telling his team that “this is the time of year to get your piss hot, to quote an old locker room saying.”

One thing I do know is that the color of our liquid waste can change based off our hydration level. The more water, the more clear your pee will look. But in terms of turning up the temperature of said piss, now that’s a different story. Nick Saban is a magician when it comes to scoring five-star recruits and winning National Championships, so I’m sure he’s got some sort of formula up his sleeve to warm up the piss.

Minnesota holder and four-time cancer survivor Casey O’Brien getting his first career hold in a blowout win over Rutgers.

Good luck beating this one. An awesome story out of the B1G, where O’Brien was already named the conference’s Special Teams Player of the Week. In terms of grit and perseverance, we may have a Football Guy Hall of Fame candidate on our hands here. Bigger than sports, indeed.

High School football coach Keanon Lowe for disarming a student with a gun in Portland, Oregon.

Well, look at this: we have another feel-good story this week. A battle of heavyweights. If there’s a possible way to award multiple Football Guy awards, this might be the week to do it. Lowe turned what could have been a potential catastrophic situation into a viral showing of a true act of heroism. This may have happened back in May, but the surveillance video was recently released which puts the whole situation into full context.

Alabama student Connor Croll who was accused of calling a bomb threat to LSU’s Tiger Stadium after a friend was in danger of losing a large bet.

As I mentioned off the top, the definition for football guy is very loose. This kid was performing an illegal act, but he did seem to go the extra step to show that he falls under this category. That extra step just happened to be breaking the law and he’s facing the consequences for his actions.

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