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Big Papi Vs Beltran...Who Ya Got?

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Last night Papi hit his 17th career postseason home run, passing Carlos Beltran and tying Jim Thome for 7th on the all time list of playoff dingers.

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This World Series we’re witnessing two of the greatest modern postseason players of all time, so I figured I’d take to twitter to see, in a big postseason series, who ya got – Ortiz or Beltran? Here’s the tale of the tape:

Ortiz: 78 games, .281/.388/.540/.929, 17 HRs,  59 RBI, 19 doubles

Beltran: 47 games, .339/.448/.714/1.163, 16HRs, 38 RBI, 13 2B (11 SB)

Now naturally all the Boston Stoolies on twitter defended their boy. The most prevalent argument was “Is this a serious question bro?” Well done, guys. Compelling argument. The second most prevalent argument was “2 rings bro.” Which is another ironclad argument when discussing the individual performances of 2 players on different franchises. Probably the most pointless road to go down considering baseball is the ultimate team game and really impossible to attribute the success of a franchise to one guy. That being said, David Ortiz has countless walk off hits and homers in the post season that you can’t just ignore. Yes, being up at bat during those circumstances is completely coincidental and out of the player’s hands, and yes, one time, when Beltran was in that position, he struck out. But facts are facts, Papi has several game winners under his belt and is as clutch as they come.

I will just say this though – if you Red Sox fans are gonna go by team success and number of rings, you’ll have to concede that Jeter and Bernie Williams are better postseason performers than Ortiz. You’ll have to concede that Mickey Mantle with 18 homers, all in the World Series (I see you, Francesa) is better. You’ll have to concede that Ted Williams and Yaz are overrated. Just be careful what road you go down to defend your boy.

Its a damn close argument. Close enough that if you picked either guy, I don’t think you can be angry at the decision. At the end of the day, I’m taking Beltran because of the defensive value he brings. He’s at the tail end of his career and shifted over to RF now, but already has an outfield assist and a spectacular catch to rob a grand slam, albeit in a losing effort. In his prime he was a spectacular defender at a premium position. He’s batting 60 points higher, almost 200 points higher in OPS, and adds value in the other half of the game. I don’t wanna take away from Papi’s defensive prowess that one time he gunned down that idiot Jeff Suppan, but I think we can all agree he’s not Keith Hernandez out there. Overall, given the difference in the number of games played, I’d say they’re a wash at the plate and Beltran’s defense sets him apart. Enough from me though, time to vote

Vote 1 for you’d want Ortiz on your team for a big postseason series, Vote 10 for Beltran

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