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Air Force Members Responsible For Guarding Nuclear Missiles Fell Asleep On The Job

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CNN – In another public embarrassment for the Air Force’s nuclear missile program, two crew members were disciplined earlier this year for leaving silo blast doors open while they were on duty in an underground facility housing nuclear missiles. The incidents, first reported by the Associated Press, were confirmed Wednesday by the Air Force. Under Air Force regulations, a two-man missile launch crew is required to keep the underground blast door shut when one crew member is asleep during the 24-hour shift. In April a crew member was found “derelict in his duties in that he left the blast door open in order to receive a food delivery from the onsite chef” while the other crew member was on an authorized sleep break, Air Force spokesman Lt. Col. John Sheets said in a statement. The crew member who was found “derelict” received a punishment of forfeiting $2,246 in pay for each of two months. The other crew member admitted to similar misconduct “on a few occasions” and received a letter of admonishment. The April incident occurred at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota In May, at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, a maintenance team was allowed into an underground launch control center while one crew member was sleeping, in violation of rules. In this case, the commander of the crew, when questioned about the incident, told the deputy to lie about being asleep, which she initially did, according to officials. The incident was investigated, and both crew members were disciplined. The commander is forfeiting $3,045 in pay for each of two months and facing a discharge board.

What have I been preaching the past couple months on the podcast?

Nobody, nobody, is above MailTime. Whether you’re an Cube Monkey stuck in front of an excel spreadsheet, a man of the cloth, a professional athlete, government officials, or members of the Air Force responsible for the fucking safety of nuclear warheads – everyone mails it in. I’m sure these guys took their job all serious when they first started. Everyone does. Go in early. Stay late. Double and triple check everything all the time. Always go by the book. And then like 6 months later you’re like, fuck this, whats the worst that can happen? In this case the worst that can happen is that someone could sneak into a nuclear silo and potentially compromise the safety of the entire planet earth. But really, fuck that, whats the chances anything goes wrong? Get your pizza delivery while your partner sleeps.