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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Baltimore Gynecologist Who Was Suspended For Having Pics Of Cooters on His Phone?


Sun - A Towson gynecologist has been temporarily barred from practicing medicine after a state and federal investigation allegedly uncovered images of female genitalia on his phone, as well as evidence he used and distributed illicit drugs and had an affair with a patient. The Maryland Board of Physicians suspended Dr. John Yacoub’s medical license, saying in an Oct. 8 order that emergency action was needed to address risks to public health and safety. Yacoub declined to discuss details of the allegations when a reporter visited his Towson apartment but said he has practiced in the community for 30 years, with 10,000 patients. “I’ve never done anything wrong,” Yacoub said. The order said the report led to a raid by the Drug Enforcement Administration on his home last month that uncovered prescription bottles with multiple patients’ names, text messages about the drugs between him and a patient with whom he had a sexual relationship, and the images on his phone, most depicting a gloved hand near genitalia.

If you think about it, being a gynecologist isn’t a great job. The ratio of disgusting pussy to wonderful pussy this guy has seen is probably 1000:1. For every young blonde smokebomb he sees, there are 1000 grandmas with cobwebs and bushes that haven’t been trimmed since before Clinton was giving rim jobs in the White House. So can’t really blame the bro for taking pics with the good vag. It’s probably like how fraternities have listservs where they pass around pics of of who they fucked after a night at Cornerstone, gyno’s definitely brag to their med school buddies whenever they get to check out a well-kempt milf box.