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Two Staten Island Trash Bags Beat The Shit Out Of Each Other In The Middle Of A Busy Highway

Source - An enraged motorist brawled with a truck driver in the middle of the Staten Island Expressway – and then bashed the trucker’s big rig with a baseball bat in a wild road rage attack caught on camera.

Dash-cam footage from the 4:30 a.m. Oct. 11 incident obtained by CBS New York shows the man behind the wheel of a Honda Accord driving erratically along the roadway before stopping short in front of the tractor trailer.

The bat-wielding Honda driver then gets out of his car on the expressway near Clove Road in the Manor Heights section of the borough and approaches the truck driver, 42, who can be heard saying, “You just put your hands on me? You just put your hands on me?” as he jumps out of the truck, according to the footage taken from the truck.

The Honda driver then comes at the truck driver with the bat, prompting the trucker to tackle the man on the roadway and fight amid passing cars, the video shows.

I love Staten Island. It’s the only place on earth where people on copious amounts of pills can still muster up the strength to fight each other. I think it’s because they’ve spent their whole life fighting for undeserved respect so they’re used to it. Whatever the case, I don’t even want to know what kind of cocktail that guy in the Honda was on. I mean stopping in the middle of the highway is a bat shit crazy move. It was also 4:30 in the morning so there’s zero chance he was sober. The only way he wasn’t messed up was if he was on his way to a construction job and even then, probably not. I wouldn’t be surprised if the trucker was fucked up too if you know whaT I mean.  Overall it was a disgusting  yet predictable display of behavior from the people of Staten Island.

It reminds me of that bit Pete Davidson did on SNL. Here it is for those of you who don’t remember…

“I would be just as happy if there were no hurricanes and Staten Island just fell into the sea.” You speak for all of us, Pete. You speak for all of us. Those two trash bags deserve whatever punishment they have coming to them. I wish them nothing but the best in their future court ordered endeavors.