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High School Kids In Trouble For Oral Sex Bet In The Cafeteria


Huff Po – When Dad told you to get a job, this isn’t the job he was talking about. Two freshmen students at Etowah High School in Woodstock, Ga. are facing criminal charges after officials say they engaged in oral sex in the school cafeteria Thursday, CNN reported. “A female student allegedly made a sexual offer to a male classmate during lunch,” school spokeswoman Barbara Jacoby told the network. “The male classmate later told administrators that he thought this offer was a joke, but when the female student began to act upon it, the male student said he stopped her.” Jacoby said the girl made the offer because another boy “dared” her to do so. Six other male students reportedly blocked other students and staff members from seeing what was going on. “They stacked up a bunch of books and book bags and people surrounded them so that nobody would see,” student Taylor Powell told WSBTV. Jacoby told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that two boys filmed the incident but deleted it shortly thereafter because they realized they could face criminal charges. “There is no evidence any video was distributed,” she said. That, however, is not what students told WSBTV. One student, whose name has not been released, told the station, “The guy who recorded it, he sent it to people … a lot of people.”

I’m sure everyone expects me to blast this kid as some sort of gayball for stopping this chick from blowing him in the cafeteria, but I’m gonna be real here. When I was a freshman I’d probably be nervous to get my dick sucked in the cafeteria. Thats some pressure packed shit. And I’m sorry if a human wall of 6 dudes isn’t enough privacy for me. We’re talking about a blow job here, not a free kick in soccer. I know all the tough guys out there will say they would have had no problem getting a blowie in front of the whole world at the age of 15. Probably would have grabbed her head and gone to work too right? For sure not. I was worried about just getting to sit next to chicks in the cafeteria when I was a kid, the lunch room blow task would have petrified me. Now listen if you had nerves of steel and a cock of steel and had no problem with public sex at the age of like 15, more power to you. You probably went on to be the guy who starred in a College Fuck Fest video a few years later. Good for you dude. I wish that was me. I’d like to think I would have given it a whirl but whipping my nervous, flaccid penis out to the entire high school as a freshman was probably too much of a downside for me. Best part of lunch for me was 90 cent french fries and 60 cent big cookies straight out of the oven – thats good enough for me. No need to rock the boat.

PS – That chick is going to get so much double and triple dog dare penetration its not even funny.