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Oscar Mayer Is Creating A Bacon Alarm Clock Attachment For The iPhone

bacon alarm clock

Huffington Post  — Now you can be assured that bacon will be in your dreams. Or at least interrupting them. Wakey-wakey to the bacon alarm clock. It was inevitable. Oscar Mayer cooked up a gizmo to convert your smartphone into a fragrant frying pan of sizzling you-know-what. You plug in a small rectangular attachment into the iPhone headphone jack and, enabled by an app, the sounds and smell of bacon assault your senses when it’s time to rise and shine. Oscar Mayer will give out 4,700 of the devices in a drawing through April 4, the company said in a press release.


Bacon just doesn’t quit. Whether it be lollipops, ice cream, or toothpaste, bacon can’t stop, won’t stop. Just absurd applications with little to no actual use. But this one here is a little bit different. Mornings are 1000x better with bacon in the mix. Anyone with a good head on their shoulders hates getting up in the morning. 2-3x snooze button minimum for me. I’ll take 15 extra minutes of sleep 100 times out of a 100 over being on time for work. But apparently you can get fired for being late. Getting fired is bad, right? Need that carrot dangling in front of me to get moving. Boom, smell of crackling bacon. Backflip out of bed like you read about. Plus this attachment addresses a safety concern. One faulty step off your bed onto your Foreman grill and next thing you know you’ve got the intern rubbing country crock on your foot. Seen it too many times to count.