"I Feel Like Kylie Jenner Right Now" - Mat Barzal On How Taking A Few Highsticks Is The Key To Getting Those Juicy, Voluptuous Lips

After taking a couple of whacks up high, Mat Barzal is flying around the ice with some serious DSLs. Are we still allowed to call them DSLs? That’s what they’ve been known as our entire lives but I feel like that might be a little problematic now.

Either way, girls are currently out there paying an exorbitant amount of money for lips like that these days. Whether it be plastic surgery or a Kylie Jenner lip kit, those voluptuous lips are at an all-time premium. But here comes Mat Barzal showing the world that you don’t need any surgeries or fancy cosmetic kits to get your lips looking extra juicy. All you really need to do is be a hockey player.

Get out on the ice for a few shifts with just a visor on, get greasy in the corners scrapping for a loose puck, end up taking a couple of sticks to the jibs and you’ll end up coming out looking like that top row $1.50 snack in the vending machine that anybody could only ever dream of.

Great quote from Barzal, though. I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for hockey lingo. Nothing better than a “we just have to stick to our brand of hockey” or “gotta win the next 5 minutes” or “get pucks deep” while only referring to teammates by their nicknames. But every once in a while it’s nice when someone breaks the mold like this and gives us an actual soundbite.