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Giants Earn Their Way Back On To The TVs At Ricks Cabaret

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The NY Giants will be back on the High-Def TVs and big screens at Rick’s Cabaret New York, the popular gentlemen’s club in midtown Manhattan that features over 100 topless exotic dancers performing daily. “It was upsetting to watch the Giants lose every week, and that’s why we stopped showing their games,” explained Rick’s Cabaret Girl Monica. “But now they’ve won their first game and we will put them back on our TVs.” Rick’s Cabaret Girl Leanne purred, ”I can’t take credit for the Giants first win, but I think the girls and I provided a little extra motivation to the team. Now they can say goodbye to losing and start winning.” “Eli Manning and the Giants are out of the doghouse,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Vida. “We’ve always loved Eli and we think he has turned things around.” Rick’s Cabaret Girl Valerie had a different opinion. “The Giants only won because Minnesota is so so so bad. I’m a Jets fan, and Geno Smith is the man!”

Well, there’s a start, Giants fans. You’re no longer so embarrassing that you’re banned from being broadcast at the strip club. Giants fans can once again commence cumming in their pants from Chaquita Banana strippers grinding their asses all over their laps. If you ask me, thats pretty low standards from Rick’s. I mean that game against Josh Freeman and the Vikings was so ugly, it wouldn’t have mattered how hot the strippers were. There wasn’t a hard dick in America during Monday Night Football last night. Aside, of course, for Big Cat’s during Gruden’s Grinders. Other than that, it was Soft Dick City. So, go ahead, open the doors to Giants fans and play their games on your TVs. But this is a warning – win or lose – if their games are as ugly as last night’s, there won’t be much for your strippers to work with.

PS – Hey Valerie…call me girl