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Why Is Everyone Freaking Out About This Overrated Rihanna Video?

The video above is from has not only 10.9 MILLION views, but also close to 100 THOUSAND comments.

It’s everywhere on Twitter as well.

I mean, I get it, Rihanna is hot. I agree. However, what is so special about this specific video?? She’s just walking in a….bikini? I was expecting for something else to happen. The first time I saw it I thought my internet was broken because it didn’t show her twerking or something crazy. I finally realized it’s just her strutting down to the beach. She looks great in the bikini (I guess, I can only see one side of her), but that’s about it.Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 1.24.15 PM

I mean maybe this would’ve been hot in 1972? But it’s 2019.

This is the problem with ‘stan’ and ‘queen’ culture. Rihanna can just walk to the beach and everyone is going to lose their mind tweeting, Instagraming, and TikToking “I STAN THIS QUEEN.”

The only cancel culture I support is cancelling everyone who says ‘queen’ and ‘stan’ left and right. This is specifically true about males. I don’t trust males who say ‘I stan’ or ‘queen.’ If one of my friends call a female a ‘queen’ I suspend them from my friend group for at least a week. That’s the bottom line.

Congrats, Rihanna fans. She’s just walking to the beach. Big woop.