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CONFIRMED: Sonny Milano Is A Sick Son Of A Bitch




Good fucking god. Last night it was Kyle Connor with an absolutely preposterous backhand roof job.

And now tonight we have Sonny Milano just straight up bullying the Dallas Stars, their friends, their families, and anybody who they’ve ever cared about. Just some straight up silly nonsense from ol’ Sonny boy. And what makes this goal even more ridiculous is that I think Sonny Milano was supposed to be in court today for a little *altercation* he got in back in the summer. Bad boy Sonny Milano is going to be wanted for murder after this goal right here so he might want to get a better lawyer. Sheesh.

Sidenote: Poor Ben Bishop. Buddy was a fantastic guest on Chiclets this week but he’s been having a rough go at it this season. Obviously he had to deal with the Milano goal there but just a few nights ago he had to get completely danced by Johnny Hockey.

Lot of American on American crime going on here. Not sure how I feel about it.