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This One Is For The Rest Of America



Another fucking team from Boston is in the championship. Happens like 2 or 3 times a goddam year now. Doesn’t make any sense. There’s no balance in this world. Either Sports Gods don’t exist or they do exist and they’re just a bunch of racist Massholes who don’t give a fuck about parity.

Anyway I’m actually happy the Red Sox are going to massacre all the high horse Cardinals fans but today between the Jets and Pats is about restoring some semblance of order to this cruel world. Not everything can go fucking right for Boston all the time. So today Geno and the Jets are playing for the rest of America who wants to see something, anything, bad happen in the world of Boston sports. Might just be a minor bump in the road for all the Pink Hat Sox fans who are focused on baseball at the moment, but Tom Brady and Mr. Glass Gronkowski falling to the Jets would at least bring a little satisfaction to the rest of the world.

As for the Jets, it feels like it’s pretty clear this season is going to be an up and down roller coaster all year. Feels like it could be win one, lose one from now till January. Sneak an extra W here and there and who knows, maybe in wild card contention. But for right now, today, with a rookie QB still finding his way and what was supposed to be a lame duck coach fighting for his life, beating Brady and Belichick would go a long way to making this already surprising season feel like a little more of a success.