Woman Posts Pictures at Walmart of Her Husband Banging Another Chick in a Bad Attempt at Revenge


Ohio - A woman admitted to posting sexually explicit photos in an attempt at revenge against a Walmart employee, police said. Middletown officers said they were called to the Walmart store on Towne Boulevard on Nov. 23, 2013. An officer stated that he was called after Beverly Rolston, 45, was seen posting photos of a woman engaging in a sex act with a man. The woman in the photo, a store employee, told the officer that her former friend accused her of having an affair with her husband. The officer said Rolston was seen on surveillance video posting the photos inside the store. The phrase “Hide your Husbands” was written on the photos, along with a more vulgar phrase. According to the officer’s report, the photos were posted in plain sight and within view of children. Detectives said Rolston admitted to distributing the photos. She said the woman in the photo had had a yearlong affair with her husband. Rolston’s husband admitted to having an affair with the store employee, officers said. Rolston was charged with one count of pandering obscenities. Her case remains in Middletown Municipal Court, where she has pleaded not guilty.

You know the worst way to get back at your husband who is fucking your friend? Show EVERYONE that your husband would rather fuck your friend. Not sure what you’re trying to accomplish there. “Hey everyone look at me! I’m so undesirable to my husband that he’d rather fuck the fat cow at Walmart!” And on the same hand, all it’s showing is that your husband can get laid by not 1, but 2 different chicks, while you can’t get laid at all. So basically, your revenge scheme is just showing everyone who might have fucked you before (the people who visit Walmart) that you are completely unfuckable, and a bit insane, even by Walmart standards. Pretty much the worst revenge of all time.