It Was Another Standard Night in DC Sports- The Caps Lost and RG3 Acted Like a Child

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Back to back losses for the Caps. Another STRONG showing by the boys. At one point, they rolled out the line of Schilling – Carrick; Stoa – Brown – Wilson. The “AHL” line, if you will. Besides Wilson, none of the other 4 guys would even get a sniff by another NHL club. That’s where we’re at. That’s who Oates put out there to try to shake things up a bit. It’s incredible, really. Like, not even mad. Just amazed.

When it rains it pours, and it’s a fucking hurricane right now.

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Can you imagine another NFL quarterback posting pics like this? I certainly can’t. Maybe it’s just a new school vs old school thing? Like maybe all the new QBs are going to act like children/12 year old girls. I’ve never seen anyone use as many emoticons as he does. Does it irrationally bother me? Maybe. But I just can’t imagine a Manning, Brady, or Brees doing this.
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RG3 just gonna keep livin, laughin, and lovin. That’s my quarterback!