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Mike Zaun 1492 - What If Mike Francesa Was On The Air When Columbus Sailed The Ocean Blue?

Mike Francesa live from the Niner The Pinter And the Santer Maria! If you’re not familiar with Bill Buchanan, he makes the most unbelievable Mike Francesa parody videos on the planet. Everyone tries to impersonate Mike Francesa. Everyone tries to do an impression of Numbah One. To say that they all pale in comparison is a horrendous understatement. There’s Bill’s Francesa impersonation, and then there’s everyone else. With miles in between him and second place. It started way back a few years ago with the Revolutionary War, and since then Bill has done Mike throughout all of the biggest moments in human history. He’s probably done about 15 of them now and every time they are a home run.

Now that Mike is mixing it up with Portnoy and has become fully ingrained in the Barstool culture, I had to make sure everyone sees Mike Zaun 1492. There’s a slew of new Francesa fans in the Barstool world now, so a lot of the mannerisms and words and jokes will make a lot more sense. I used to blog these for the Mongos and we’d all have a great laugh but there was tons of Stoolies who didnt get the joke. Now that we’re all Mongos we can all appreciate the double layer of greatness. First and foremost (always), Mike Francesa’s greatness. For without him, none of this content exists. And secondly for Bill, with his own greatness, who also makes this content come to life. The two GOATs combining for a phenomenal internet video.

PS – Shoutout to Bill for his historical knowledge. The reason these are as funny as they are is because of the nuanced details about the time period. Very smart stuff. For example, weaving the 10 Plagues into Mike Zaun 1250 BC: