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Francesa Goes Completely Bananas Over The Sunday Night Football Song, Says That The Orangeman Insults Pumpkins, Discusses The Importance Of Art

Sunday Night Football Meltdown

“That’s the dumbest song ever created”

Absolutely hilarious shit right here. Dude hates the SNF song more than you hate anything. Like I think he’d beat the shit out of Carrie Underwood if he had the chance. That’s how much he despises the lyrics to that tune. But I mean his point kinda does make sense. Unless your team is playing, nobody waits all day for Sunday night. I get that. I’ve just never had an aneurysm over it.

Orangeman Is Offensive To Pumpkins

This could sneaky by one of my favorite Francesa moments of all time. He is so proud of himself for this joke. This little smirk right here:

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 4.07.29 PM


He basically dropped this pumpkin joke and then when silent for a few seconds looking around the studio secretly bursting with pride that he nailed this line. Mic Drop City – population Francesa

Art is important

Mike Francesa – He may not agree with your “disgusting gross art things”, but he’ll defend to the death your right to express it……..OK?

Absolutely spectacular week out of Mike Francesa. I didn’t even get a chance to put up any of the videos about the Kennedy assassination. I legitimately could not keep up with all the material this week. If there is anyone sports radio fan alive in the tristate area that doesn’t listen to him every day, they are clinically insane. Like the fact that theres people out there – no matter how small a number – that would rather listen to Michael Kay babble all day long about the same sports stories we already know rather than listen or watch this unintentional humor, well thats just absolutely astounding.

There’s a reason hes Numbah One folks. Because he’s one of the top 5 most absurd people on the planet earth.