He Has Somehow Done It Again: Whitesoxdave Is Caught Cheating During Supermarket Sweep Challenge

It’s just remarkable at this point.

Just time and time again Whitesoxdave gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I’m pretty sure this is 3 weeks in a row, but this time it might be the worst yet because he cheated ON CAMERA. Like how much of an idiot do you have to be to do this knowing that you’re being filmed?

A BIG one is the answer. I can give Dave a pass for alot of things, but not when it comes to being a cheater in Supermarket Sweep. Every single person reading this blog would’ve given their right ear to have a shot at that fucking game. Pound for pound maybe the best game show of all time. WSD gets his shot at a somewhat real life version of it and he spits right in the games face.

Disgusting act.

All I asked for was one can of Contadina!!!


The video footage of the cheating caught on tape will be released later in the day in Carl’s Beef House video.