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Grading the Newest Sex Scandal Teacher

TexasPolice in Freeport, Texas say a high school teacher’s illicit relationship with a student was brought to light after the teacher showed up at an after-prom party with tattered clothing and no shoes. Nikki Scherwitz, 25, has been charged with sexual assault of a child and improper relationship between educator and student… Scherwitz had been involved with the 16-year-old for several weeks. “The relationship started with text messaging, which led to explicit text messaging, which led to the relationship,” Officer Raymond Garivey told KTRK. The investigation began after the teacher allegedly showed up at an after-prom party at another student’s home on April 20, KHOU reported. “She was wearing no shoes when she showed up . . . like a cut up, cut-off shirt and everything,” a student told the station. Garivey said that Scherwitz had been drinking, and one of the students at the party asked her to leave. She allegedly did leave — with her alleged victim. Scherwitz is married, but she and her husband had been separated before the alleged relationship began.

It can’t be easy these days for any insane, horndog teacher to stand out from the pack.  Especially in a great Sex Scandal Teacher state like Texas.  The country is lousy with slutty teachers willing to do anything to get the attention they crave.  I mean, a long time ago the ship sailed on making a name for yourself just by seducing some kid.  Do that now and the world will greet you with a collective Been There, Done That shrug.  The same goes with sending the kid racy texts, making porn tapes and even letting a group of students run train on you.  So if you want to be one of the greats, you’ve got to stand out.  You have to do something special.  And showing up at the after prom party in a belly shirt and barefoot then pulling your boy out of there in front of everyone is special, no question about it.  The Prom Night Seduction is your classic SST power move, invented in the Allentown, PA Econolodge by 2011 All Star Gabrielle Marvelli and perfected by Nikki Scherwitz today.  I think I can say without reservation that like Gabrielle, we’ll be seeing Nikki on our end of the year rankings as well.

The Grades:
Jenna Marbles?  Grade: A.
Moral Compass/Bad Judgment: 
What’s not to love?  I have a confession to make: My all time favorite chick movie is Say Anything.  And one of the sexiest non-sexual movie scenes ever is when Lloyd Dobler’s guidance counselor (Bebe Neuwirth, schwing) shows up to the graduation party and gives him her keys because she’s going to get drunk with the graduates.  This is like that.  Only if the guidance counselor showed up half naked and banged Lloyd right in front of Diane Court. Grade: A
This chick is 25.  Which means she was born 3 years after Purple Rain was released, featuring Prince’s most sentimental love ballad, “Darling Nikki.”  I knew of a girl name Nikki/ I guess you could say she was a sex fiend…” (see the cover by Rihanna here)It’s like her parents named her that to fulfill Prince’s ancient prophesy, and it came true.  Grade: A
Easy A
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