Hey Entire DMV, Let's Take a Breather This Weekend


Government is locked down. Woman yesterday drove her car into the white house fence and then got lit up by police.. and she did it with a 1 year old in the back seat. And then today:

Baltimore SunA Baltimore County Public Schools bus was involved in an accident that has caused injuries Friday morning, according to Baltimore County Police.
The bus was traveling to Pikesville Middle School when the accident happened, according to Mychael Dickerson, a county schools spokesman. The impact of the crash caused the bus to overturn, he said.

Can we just chill the fuck out this weekend, please? Let’s all play some frisbee golf and drink fruity drinks with umbrellas in them, and get back to the basics on Monday. Maybe go pumpkin picking, I don’t know. But I do know we should stop re-enacting scenes from action movies and try to act like a reasonable place. Let’s get our people back to work, let’s not lead police chases through the middle of the district, and let’s keep school busses upright. A new beginning, starting Monday.

Everyone can still do crack though. Too much change is a bad thing.