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4th Annual Barstool New York Halloween Bash At @SaloonNYC In Three Weeks


Hocus Pocus season is upon us. Chicks are orgasming in their pants over pumpkin spiced stuff. The only thing thats left is to figure out your Halloween plans. Just let Barstool New York take care of that for you. This year the 31st falls on Thursday night. We’re throwing our annual bash on Friday November 1st. Anyone whos ever done Halloween up at Saloon knows its the best party on the Upper East Side. Premium open bar, everyone in costume, smokes getting slutty, and Stoolies everywhere.

2 years ago we had a goddam blizzard on Halloween. Last year Hurricane Sandy was bearing down upon us and the place was still absolutely rocking. No matter what that slut Mother Nature throws our way, Saloon Halloween can’t be stopped. God help us all if the weather is perfect this time around…

Here’s all the details you need –

Where: Saloon 84th and York

When: Friday, November 1st

Open Bar: $50 for Guys, $40 for Girls. Three different time packages – 9pm-12pm, 10pm-1am, 11pm-2am. Includes ALL beers, ALL wine, and premium liquors like Kettle One and Jack Daniels. 2 rooms, 3 full bars, a million bartenders.

Extras: $1000 prize, 2 free Blackout Tickets for the sexiest costume.

Hint: If you want to win the sexiest costume contest, look like this: