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Cody Parkey Is Back On His Usual Bullshit

Idk why I let this bother me so much but it does. Cody Parkey will haunt my dreams forever and even more so now that the Bears are 3-2 and staring down an absolutely BRUTAL 5 game stretch out of the Bye. The pain of the double doink becomes that much stronger which is usally about the time some of you boners are like

Carl who cares dude move on chill out

All you guys are dead. You’re zombies. I would hate to walk through life with ice cold blood pumping through my veins. Just a miserable experience to not feel any passion or pride about your team. That you wouldn’t let some complete stranger ruin every single facet of your mental health on Mental Health Awareness day is your problem. I’ll be over here with the cool kids not letting anything go for the rest of my life. Can you blame me after reading this?

“Every Sunday you see what is going on around the league and you are just waiting,” Parkey said. “Me as a kicker, I never hoped for anyone to do bad. But it is my opportunity to go out there and show the people what I can do. I wished (Cairo) the best. I told him he’s an awesome kicker and I think he’ll still have success in this league.

It honestly makes me sick how nice he is. How does anyone have this much optimism? Maybe there’s something to learn from him after all.

Nevermind fuck that guy.