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NC State's Center Tried To Drive His Car With Four Parking Boots On It, Immediately Suspended For Trying To Be A Hero

[Source] - N.C. State basketball player Derek Funderburk Jr. was charged with larceny property damage on Sept. 25 by the university police, according to a redacted copy of an incident report provided to The News & Observer on Wednesday.

Funderburk, who had multiple outstanding parking tickets, had four car boots placed on the tires of his vehicle while it was parked at the Reynolds Coliseum parking deck on Jeter Drive on campus on Sept. 25.

At 6:02 p.m., Funderburk drove off with two of the boots on his car and damaged the other two and the concrete surface in the lot. The total damage was $330, according to the redacted version of the incident report provided by the university police department.

Well, this is it. This is the exact start to the college hoops season I was hoping for. We have Kansas apologizing and pleading for forgiveness over Snoop Dogg having strippers and shooting money at players at their Midnight Madness. Now we have NC State’s starting center DJ Funderburk suspended because he tried to drive his car with FOUR (4!!!!) parking boots on it.

Listen, we all get parking tickets in college. There’s no bigger scam in the world than parking at colleges. It’s impossible to find a spot, you’re typically forced to park 4 miles away from where you need to be so you risk it.

So back to Funderburk. I need more information. Did they put all 4 boots on at once? I mean we’ve all thought about just driving away with 1 boot, MAYBE 2. But once you get to 4? You just have to beg to get them off and pay whatever it takes. That is unless you’re DJ Funderburk. Then you drive that shit away and get in trouble for destroying property and apparently those boots are stolen. Don’t know how you can steal something that someone puts on your shit.

I’ll never forget watching my roommate get his car towed twice in a week. Just the dejected walk back to the lot to get it out of the pound. I’m convinced every college kid gets at least 1 parking ticket.

Frankly, I don’t think he should be suspended at all. He should be viewed as a hero for trying to fight the parking system.