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Brooklyn Thugs Covering Up Banksy Graffiti And Charging Tourists To See

To be honest, I don’t give a fuck about these thugs charging old white people simply to look at some shit scribbled on the wall in the hood. Everyone involved in that situation is an asshole. The dickheads covering up the art with cardboard boxes and the idiots who went all the way out there to just look at it on the wall.

The real story here is how Stoolies are trying to act like contemporary art majors with this Banksy guy. Yesterday’s reaction to my blog was probably the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen out of Stoolies. Everybody dick riding some British artist trying to act like I’m the asshole because I’m not into the world of street graffiti. Give me a fucking break. My favorite was “KFC know your audience before you blog something like this!” Right, I forgot my audience was a bunch of art buffs with the rebellious edge. Come to the Stool for the tits, ass, weird news stories, and stay for the artistic evaluation and analysis of street art. I should have been aware that the average guy watching sports slugging beer chasing skirts gives a fuck about a graffiti artist. I mean honestly what planet are you guys on pretending you know about the world of urban art??? Oh, let me guess, you’ve seen a documentary called “Exit Through The Gift Shops?” That must make you a diehard fan an expert of this artistic genre.

All you Banksy Stoolies (I can’t believe I even had to write that term. Christ.) do me a favor…name one other graffiti artist. Tell me more about the world of Banksy without mentioning Exit Through The Gift Shops. Can you imagine the backlash if I just put up a blog praising a different graffiti artist that wasn’t mainstream like this and used the phrase “His paintings are evocative and many aspects capture the eye of the viewer?” Gimme a break it would be the end of the world. If I praised some random British artist on here you’d all absolutely flip your lid. Just admit to yourselves that you’ve basically heard of one graffiti artist in the world, and you think liking him makes you cultured. You can bring it up at cocktail parties and happy hours and you feel proud of yourself because you consider it art, but, like, totally cool and not nerdy art because its graffiti!

Get out of my face with that. I may be uncultured and not know much about the world of art, but at least I can admit it.