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Introducing The Most Fucked Up Woman Since The Invention Of Drugs

I bought my mama a car….and spent the rest on PCP

Jiminy fuckin Cricket! Bitch looks like Frank Reynolds. I bet she just wrapped up a session of huffing paint with Charlie and boiling denim underneath the bridge. Seriously, I think she might take the cake for being the most fucked up person in the history of substance abuse. The only people who compare to her and they people at techno festivals who roll around in the mud and shit, but thats cheating. Thats like what you’re supposed to be doing at those festivals. This bitch is just completely possessed on a random Sunday afternoon in Brooklyn. I’m almost positive she thinks she’s underwater at some point when she’s wiggling around on the ground. Looks like she’s trying to swim on pavement. Just mentally unstable to a spectacular degree.

I think my favorite part is the EMT who gives the most half ass effort of all time like “I certainly do not get paid enough to deal with this hallucinating wildebeest right now.”