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Who The Fuck Is This "Banksy" Cat And What Is He Doing In My City?

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The VergeAcclaimed street artist Banksy has crossed the pond from his native UK, and is now leaving his marks all around New York City. Since October 1st, he’s created upwards of 10 pieces as part of his month-long “residency” (to borrow a term from the professional art world), titled “Better Out Than In.” Banksy’s playful work often offers social or political commentary, and he hasn’t limited himself to sidewalks and walls in New York — he’s already created two mobile pieces ontrucks. Many of the New York pieces include mock audio guides that poke fun at the recorded messages offered to museum-goers, which are also available online. Banksy’s work by its very nature is ephemeral — property owners often paint over it, or opportunistic looters extract it from the streets and sell it for vast sums, sometimes even chiseling it out of exterior walls. The short shelf-life of Banksy’s work has never been more visible than here in New York. A little less than halfway through his tour of the Big Apple, local graffiti artists and property owners have already altered his first few pieces dramatically with their own marks

NY Post – Four lucky tourists snapped up artwork by elusive British street artist Banksy in Central Park over the weekend, shelling out just $60 for canvases estimated to be worth as much as $31,000. The graffiti guru – who is on a month-long New York “residency” in which he promises at least one new work per day will show up on city streets – set up a pop-up boutique of about 25 spray-art canvases on Fifth Avenue near Central Park Saturday. Banksy chronicled the surprise sale in a video posted to his website noting, “Yesterday I set up a stall in the park selling 100 % authentic original signed Banksy canvases. For $60 each.” The BBC estimated that the street-stall art pieces could be worth as much as $31,000. But Banksy won’t be repeating the stunt. In a note posted to his website, the artist wrote: “Please note this was a one-off. The stall will not be there again.”

The past couple weeks I’ve been seeing this name every where I go. In the Post and the News and all these New York blogs. All over twitter and shit. Banksy, Banksy. I don’t know no Banksy.

Thought he was some New York City art legend I had never heard of. Nope. Apparently he’s some British asshole whos in New York for the next month putting up graffiti all over town and loser art hipsters are cumming in their pants over him. This Banksy get needs to take a fucking hike. Because you can just tell he thinks he’s hot shit. Like “I’m gracing you with my presence from across the pond” sorta bullshit. Releasing one mysterious piece of graffiti every day like people should be waiting for him with bated breath. Selling his stupid pictures for 60 bucks even though they’re worth like $31,000. 31 grand! Get out of my fucking face! There’s only one person in the world who’s a bigger asshole than the people who pay 31K for a random graffiti picture. Do you know who that is? Its the guy who could sell his pictures for $31,000 but sells them for 60 instead to be all artsy and shit.

In summation, fuck this Banksy cat who thinks he’s hot shit and fuck his “fans” who spend 30 grand on his posters while they chase him all around the world. Buncha assholes. The whole lot of them.