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I Tweeted That My Luck Was Turning Around and Then Got Hired Live on Radio

I was in our Fantasy Football Factory Twitch stream where we were also doing marble racing. After multiple failures, I finally won my first marble race -- and what a rush it was. I then tweeted the following:

Little did I know just how right I was, as Frankie came and asked me to come on radio just a few minutes later, where this happened:

What a world. I think I got hired full-time mostly in part to the Vols and Braves being so unbelievably heartbreaking, so for once in my life, I'd actually like to thank them for ruining my life many times over.

What a world. I'm very grateful to be a full-time employee at this company and to everybody who enjoys -- and even those who don't -- my work. Let's try to keep this mojo going tomorrow for Game 5.