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UPDATE: AP's Father Is Saying It Is One Of His Sons. Adrian Peterson Should Murder The Scumbag Who Put His 2 Year Old Son In Critical Condition

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TMZAdrian Peterson‘s 2-year-old son is currently in critical condition in a South Dakota hospital … after he was allegedly severely beaten by the man dating the mother of his child, TMZ has learned. The Minnesota Vikings running back immediately left his team to be with his son. Officials tell us they’ve arrested the suspect, 27-year-old Joseph Patterson … who’s been charged with aggravated felony assault and battery of an infant. According to law enforcement, emergency responders arrived to the apartment where Peterson’s son was living at 5:46 PM on Wednesday … and found the child unresponsive. He was rushed to a nearby hospital and medical experts determined the injuries were consistent with abuse. Law enforcement sources tell us … the child suffered severe head injuries.

Obviously people come to the Stool for laughs and fun and I feel weird even blogging about this, but this story is so deplorable I couldn’t let the day go without putting this scumbag Joseph Patterson on blast. You have gotta be one of the most disgusting, deplorable, depraved, downright evil cowards in the history of mankind to do this to a child. I hope Adrian Peterson pays for his bail and this guy gets what he deserves. Some Dexter justice would be real fitting in this situation. Or some prison justice. Let to boys in the prison yard take care of him. I think America would celebrate. The whole thing is legitimately sickening. I can’t even look at that picture without tearing up for the dude and his family. Goes without saying that literally everyone on the planet earth is pulling for AP’s little man to pull through and get better.


City Pages: Sources both in the Twin Cities and in South Dakota are telling us that the injured child is not actually Adrian Peterson’s son. One source has identified the injured child by name. Both the Sioux Falls police and AP himself will reportedly have something to say about what’s going on today, so we’ll update again when we know more.

Man, the world is fucked up these days. There should be a new rule – nobody is allowed to comment on any major tragic news story for at least 2 hours. Myself included. Its happened with Sandy Hook and the Marathon bombers and its happening again today. Everyone always jumping the gun with false reports and shit. Maybe its his kid, maybe its not. But whoever that poor child is, thats really all that matters. Hope he gets better.

Second Update:

Such a mess with whats being reported. Again what matters though is a poor child is hurt real bad. Also, I don’t wanna judge, but if that is one of his kids, what the fuck is he doing in practice?