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Does This Look Like the Face of the Giants LB Who Plead Guity to Abusing His 5 Year Old and Got the Whole Thing Covered Up?

TMZEx-New York Giants linebacker Michael Boley was quietly arrested for child abuse back in February … 3 days after he was cut by the team … TMZ has learned. Boley — a starting linebacker in Super Bowl XLVI — had been under investigation in Alabama for a 2011 incident involving his son, who was 5 years old at the time … Boley’s case was scheduled to go in front of a grand jury in February 2013 … but before that got under way, the 30-year-old NFL star struck a plea deal with prosecutors. Court officials in Etowah County, AL tell TMZ … Boley plead guilty to child abuse — and in exchange, he was ordered to enroll in a pre-trial diversion program… Seems the NY Giants were hip to Boley’s legal issues ’cause he was unexpectedly cut by the team on February 5 … 3 days before Boley turned himself in to authorities.

Giants 101And as recently as last week, the team was reportedly considering bringing him back for the 2013 season… The exact nature of Boley’s plea deal includes felony chargers under the Section 26-15-3 of the Alabama Code, which reads: “torture, willfully abuse, cruelly beat or otherwise willfully maltreat any child under the age of 18 years.”

No big deal.  Nothing to see here, folks.  Just a massive cover up by Boley, the state of Alabama and… one would assume… the Giants.  Just a conspiracy to hide the fact that he tortured, willfully abused, cruelly beat or otherwise willfully maltreated his 5 year old son.  So for at least a year, everyone who knew Boley is a child abuser kept it under wraps.  Even while he was leading the Giants in tackles in the Super Bowl Which Shall Not Be Named Part II, he was under investigation for beating his son, but the public wasn’t told.  Amazing.  Hell, even in prison child abusers are considered the lowest of the low.  But I guess on the Giants they sweep it under the rug, let you start at linebacker in the Super Bowl and give you a ring.  Obviously the only reason they cut him is because he told them he was going to cop a pleas and they were afraid of the PR hit.  Even after he plead guilty under oath, on the public record, they kept a lid on it for three goddamned months with plans to bring him back, knowing full well he’s and admitted baby torturer.  Fantastic.  Well I say this thing goes all the way to the top.  Tom Coughlin, GM Jerry Reese, the owners.  And we deserve answers.  What did John Mara and Steve Tisch know and when did they know it?  And how many Alabama DAs did they have to buy to keep this thing quiet?

Plaxico Burress beats the Patriots and shoots himself in the leg.  David Tyree does, is kicked out of football and gets exposed as a gay-bashing religious closet case.  Now the truth gets out that Michael Boley is the worst sort of inhuman scumbag.  Obviously winning a Super Bowl over the Patriots carries a curse with it.  Like opening the Ark of the Covenant only worse.  @JerryThornton1