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Woman Goes Absolutely MENTAL On A Plane

Hey girl who’s your savior? Can you tell me again? I can’t tell who your savior is.

Remind me to never complain about the Fats or babies on planes anymore. Things could always be worse. You could be next to the fucking demented crackpot. If that poor bastard strangled her to death I don’t think they’d even press charges. I think everyone in the world would understand and he’d walk away from that flight a free man. Flight attendants should be able to hit with with a fuckin tranq dart right in the neck Frank the Tank style if you’re trying to pull this shit.

PS – How about the smoke sitting to the cameraman’s left? If that dude didn’t use this batshit crazy broad as an icebreaker and start stringing her, hes an idiot. She probably was down to fuck in the bathroom on that flight. Literally anything to get away from God Your My Savior Chick.