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Southhampton Purchasing Neptunes For $3.2 Million Just So They Can Shut It Down


Newsday – Southampton has a $3.2 million signed contract to buy a popular Dune Road dance club that for years has been like a jellyfish in the bathing suit of its neighbors and town police. The Neptune Beach Club and 3 acres it occupies in East Quogue would be purchased by the town’s Community Preservation Fund, shutting down the club, which has operated there since 1989, if approved by the town board. “This would make me extremely happy,” said Robin Eshaghpour, 45, whose family owns a house nearby and noted the club sits next to Tiana Beach. “I don’t believe this belongs anywhere near a family beach.” The land in East Quogue sits among “shimmering waters, expansive salt hay meadows and pristine maritime dunes,” according to the town’s resolution justifying the purchase. But while the town might be buying the property for its natural beauty, residents have long lodged complaints about loud dance music on summer weekends and a parade of patrons walking to and from the Tiana Beach parking lot. Over the years, town police have made up to a dozen drug arrests at a time at the club, which is owned by Neptune Beach Club Inc. Three workers of the club who attended Tuesday’s meeting declined to comment. Neptune representatives did not return calls for comment. Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst, who has supported the purchase, said Tuesday that she would hold the public comment period open until the board’s next meeting on Nov. 12 to get more community input. Eshaghpour described the clientele as “Jersey Shore reality show — not to offend anyone in Jersey. The music is loud. There’s lots of drinking,” he added. “A lot of trespassing. There’s urinating in the street, urinating on private property. It sucks up all of the police resources.” Evonne Curran, of Hampton Bays, said a community center next door can’t be open on Saturdays in the summer because of the parties held there. “It tends to be a crazy place,” Curran said.

Now I’m not a Neptunes guy. I would never even dream of going there during a weekend day with all the gorilla guidos dancing in circles together.

But I am, most definitely, a Drift kinda guy. And if Neptunes is sheets, than so is the Drift. And that, my friends, is a fucking summertime tragedy. The Drift is one of the top 5 bars I’ve ever been too. Enormous outdoor decks with about 5 bars, inside and out, and a couple thousand people boozing right off the beach under the moon. 2 for 1 beers if you get there before 11. And almost everyone seems to “know a bartender” and shots are being passed out like they’re going out of style. Its spectacular. Would be a real shame if the bougie locals shut down one of the best bars of all time because they need that much more peace and quiet. Anyone whos ever been to Dune Road knows that its like 2 million miles of seclusion and private beaches with basically the Drift, John Scotts and Dockers along the way. Thats it. Three places in the middle of mile after mile after mile of private property and beach/bay front properties.

You wanna shut down the Neptunes day parties? Go for it. But don’t make the people Drifting Inn suffer because of that. Get rid of the Drift and you can go ahead and cuncel da fun in Westhampton. All thats left is the Barn to hold it down.