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Carlos Martinez Blowing a Kiss to a Baserunner Before Blowing a Save in the Postseason Was Fantastic

Carlos Martinez is, to put it simply, a clown. In Game 1, he entered the game with a 7-3 lead and promptly gave up two homers and three runs to almost blow it. He then was upset that Ronald Acuña Jr. did not show him enough respect. 

This guy couldn't sound more like a boomer if he tried. You're playing baseball against a guy that's better than you. Take your homer and move on like an adult.

Fast forward to Game 3, where Martinez enters with a 1-0 lead. He allows a leadoff double to Josh Donaldson, who was then pinch run for with Billy Hamilton. Clown Carlos, for whatever reason, turns around and blows a kiss to Hamilton.

This is such a weird move that I don't even know what the intent was behind it. I don't get why it would cross someone's mind to do something that weird in the ninth inning of an NLDS game, but I'm not a crazy person like Carlos Martinez.

But we all know what happened after that. Dansby Swanson and Adam Duvall came up and showed Martinez what some real ballplayers look like, giving the Braves the come-from-behind 3-1 victory to take a 2-1 lead in the series and put St. Louis on the brink of elimination.

But did blowing a save in the Postseason make Martinez quit talking shit to the Braves? You guessed it, no it did not!

Martinez walked Acuña in this at-bat, with the final pitch even further up and in than the one shown above. Given the events of this series, it would be pretty easy to argue Martinez was throwing at Acuña. Thank God he has terrible aim.

This guy is the definition of triggered. He went to sleep last night gnashing his teeth thinking about Ronnie, Dansby and Duvall. You just really hate to see it.

End the series today. Chop On.