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Deshaun Watson Breaking Down Defenses In His Postgame Press Conference Is Now My Favorite Part Of Sundays

Last week after losing to the Carolina Panthers a reporter asked what Deshaun Watson was seeing and why the offense struggled. He promptly broke down exactly what the Panthers were doing as concisely as humanly possible.

Today, after hanging 53 on the Atlanta Falcons, he came back and did it again.

I imagine it was a lot more fun to break down a defense he torched to the tune of 426 yards and five touchdowns. But either way this is becoming my favorite part of every Sunday. Because while football is America’s most popular sport, you’re a fucking LIAR if you say you know exactly what every coverage is, every defensive responsibility, every route called on a given play. Hell there are NFL QBs and offensive lines who get confused multiple times every game because that’s part of the chess match between the defensive and offensive coordinators.

Today, Tom Brady himself didn’t recognize this Cover-0 – a front he hasn’t seen all season – from the Redskins and it turned into a bad interception.

So hearing Watson break down exactly what he sees, exactly how he and his teammates respond to what he’s seeing and where the Texans executed is fascinating as hell to me. This is like Gruden’s QB Camp Unplugged and I hope it doesn’t stop. Not that I’m learning anything I’m going to use any time in my life but it’s different and a welcome addition to my overall football watching experience.