Holy Shit, Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez (Who KO'd Brock Lesnar) Is On SmackDown


In SmackDown’s main event tonight, Brock Lesnar unfortunately squashed Kofi Kingston and ended his 180-day reign as WWE Champion in just about nine seconds. He hit him with one F-5, and that was all she wrote.

It fucking sucked and I hated it. They did Kofi dirty, and for the first time all night, I was disappointed. Everything else on the show was great, I thought. From The Rock’s opening segment to Kevin Owens’ ladder match with Shane to the Tyson Fury angle to everything else on the card being a balls-to-the-wall sprint, I was having a blast watching SmackDown’s premiere on FOX…until right then and there. Nothing makes me want to watch a wrestling show less than Brock Lesnar getting strapped with a title he won’t be around to defend, and I’ve gone on record many a times in saying I’d even be cool never seeing Brock Lesnar wrestle another match again. I’m bored of him. I feel like I’ve seen everything that guy has to offer, and all he does is take a spot away from somebody else more deserving on the roster.


When Rey Mysterio’s music hit, and Cain freakin Velasquez walked out with him, all of that went right out of my brain. Poof! Gone, in the blink of an eye. Immediately, I felt like a kid again, marked the fuck out, and decided I need to see Brock vs Cain and I need to see it now.

Not only is Cain the man who actually knocked out Brock Lesnar once upon a time, he’s also waaaaay better than he should be as a wrestler who’s had like three total matches…

…and with Heyman involved, I’m STOKED to see what kinda story we see here. I feel like – just based on Brock’s amazing facials in that final segment – that we could be seeing a nervous Lesnar for the first time in years, since the Undertaker shit. Oh, and speaking of which, Taker got cut for time on this show, as did Stone Cold Steve Austin, which really makes ya think: who da fook was in charge of time management? Yikes.

I just recently had Cain Velasquez in My Mom’s Basement to discuss this recent transition from MMA to wrestling, so if you’re interested in hearing more about this guy and his connection to the graps, I highly recommend you check that out. I genuinely think it’s super informative, and I’ve linked it (and a clip) below.


Overall, I gotta say: Friday Night SmackDown won the week for me. NXT had the best action bell-to-bell, AEW had the most unique vibe, and RAW had…a halfpipe thing, I guess? SmackDown, on the other hand, seemed to have the best combination of everything put together. It had a cool presentation, great matches, fun promos, shocking moments, and even Otis!