Logan Couture Sums Up Last Night's Rangers Effort In One Word

When 19 year-old kids are having their own skills competition in the middle of their third-ever NHL game, “sorry” only scratches the surface:

On behalf of the Rangers, I’m sorry that Couture, Tommy Hertl & the rest of the San Jose Sharks thought they were facing off against an NHL team last night. I’m sorry that, apparently, playing games 2 & 3 of the season back-to-back is too much hockey for the Blueshirts. They looked like they played 81 straight while getting pummeled 9-2, out-shot 47-20 & flat-out embarrassed for a full 60 minutes.

Coming off a solid W over the Kings, you’d think they’d have put up a better fight. Instead, not only is the offense still not there (for what it’s worth, a pair of the Rangers’ goals against LA were flukes) but they’ve surrendered 14 goals in 3 games. The Sharks were laughing all night while outclassing what looked to be a slow, sloppy AHL squad. To add injury to insult, Rick Nash left after the first period from what’s assumedly his second concussion in a little over a year, so don’t expect to see him the rest of the week. Yeah, I know, it’s early – but it’s hard to imagine an uglier start. Alain Vigneault has plenty of time to prove himself, but right now I kinda wish Torts was around to tell us all who stinks. At least Brad Richards is happy though, right?

P.S. – I see you, Hertl’s lady-friend. We all see you.