Asian Dude On His Knees Begging For Forgiveness Getting Beat Up By His Girlfriend Is The Most Emasculating Thing of All Time

SCMP – They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned – and a video of a girl repeatedly slapping her boyfriend in the street appears to prove that. The five-minute video, which has gone viral with more than 27,000 views since it was posted on October 6, shows a young man on his knees in a Hong Kong shopping street with his girlfriend standing over him, scolding him in Cantonese for inviting another girl to his apartment. A second female stands beside the two. It is unclear whether she is the girl at the heart of the altercation, although the young man asks her several times to confirm what he is saying. “Why did you tell her to go to your apartment?” demands the girlfriend.  “Listen to me first before beating me!” he pleads, before adding: “I told her not to come!” At one stage the second girl tells the irate girlfriend: “Don’t beat him.” But this plea falls on deaf ears as the irate girlfriend grabs the young man’s hair with her left hand and slaps him repeatedly with her right in front of stunned shoppers. Four minutes into the video a substantial crowd has gathered to watch the spectacle in a Kowloon City street. A female passerby eventually called the police and the girl was arrested. A spokesman for Hong Kong police said: “Police received a report at around 5.10pm on October 4 outside 38 San Ma Tau Street in Kowloon City. Police who arrived at the scene arrested a female, aged 20 and surnamed Cheng, for common assault. “A victim, aged 23 and surnamed Chui, was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment.” The spokesman added that the case, which was a “dispute over love affairs”, had been handed to CID.

I watched all 4 minutes of this pathetic display just praying that at one point this dude comes to his senses and drops a fucking Shoryuken on this bitch. I think it would have possibly been my favorite moment in the history of life if this dude sprung up from her knees and uppercutted her to kingdom come.

I know normal rules don’t apply to Asians but at some point if you’re the dude in this situation you gotta come to your senses and beat the shit out of this girl. Doesn’t matter if you cheated or not. Doesn’t matter if you love the girl and want to make sure she forgives you. At some point, you gotta realize you’re on your knees in public while your girlfriend repeatedly wails on your face with bystanders watching. At some point, you gotta realize you no longer represent yourself in this situation, you represent the entire male gender. We don’t want females getting any ideas that this is normal behavior. Don’t want them thinking this is whats gonna happen every time they’re pissed at their man. Drop a Cleveland Bus Driver Uppercut on this abusive bitch and restore the balance of power.