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Woman At AOC's Townhall Suggests The Perfect Way To End Climate Change: Eat Babies

Save the planet, eat the children? I mean I’m gonna be honest here, I’ve heard worse ideas in my time. Every year dozens of politicians wobble their way onto a stage and start spewing ridiculous ideas and theories on the economy, homeland security, marriage, etc. But now that climate change is becoming a bigger hot topic, it’s about time someone had an outside the box idea. Eat babies.

It checks all the boxes too. Nobody likes being around babies. They cry and are sticky and ruin all your flights. You’re just trying to watch a movie in peace and you got babies crying left and right. Imagine if you could offset your carbon emissions from said flight by eating the loudest baby? Win-win-win, my friend. Plus, what was the last time a baby contributed to the economy? I mean unless you’re counting the Boss Baby, who had hit shit together and went to work (though the plot is still fuzzy to me, it’s rather complex tbh), babies are mostly just a drain. So why not eat em? They keep saying red meat is bad for us and that cows are a major reason for CO2 emissions, so grill up a baby burger and save the planet at the same time. This plan makes a wholeeee lot of sense from every angle.

PS: Dave makes a very good point:

Really makes you think.



PS: Some think it’s an act. I don’t. I think she’s a legit crazy person in a cult. I know an act when I see one, this has bath salts crazy person written all over it.