DMX Might Just Be A Mental Health Expert After All

I’m not even kidding in the slightest when I say that I’ve never heard someone sum up a specific type of depression better than DMX did over these 18 seconds. Depression takes on many forms and affects us in a shit ton of different ways. One of them is – sometimes you just don’t feel like being fucking happy. Someone asks what’s wrong – well, really nothing specific. Now I’m annoyed that you asked what’s wrong on top of everything else but really nothing worth conversation. Let me be mad in peace, thanks for checking in, I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Let me put on this song about murder and drugs, let me spin this Radiohead, let me sit in the dark replaying the same movies and shows I’ve seen hundreds of times until I’m in the mood for being happy again. You want me to be all “Hi-dilly-ho, neighborino!” Ned Flanders face 24/7 and I’m going to end up looking like this quickly and in a hurry:

Thankfully we have great minds among us, like the wise and noble DMX, to put it so eloquently in a way in which I had never heard. And it’s perfect. Someone who has been through the gauntlet of emotions and experiences throughout his entire life dropping some knowledge for the rest of us to benefit. When X speaks, the entire world listens. And barks back.