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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Stripper Who Beat Up A Dude Who Called Her "A Snaggle Toothed Bitch"?


Smoking GunA stripper is facing an assault rap after she allegedly pummeled a male customer who turned down her repeated attempts to perform a lap dance inside a South Carolina club. Nicole Maxine Passmore, 25, was busted late last night for misdemeanor assault in connection with the confrontation at Masters Gentlemen’s Club in Myrtle Beach. Ernest Kadlick, 31, told officers that he was “having a good time in the club” with friends when Passmore approached them and repeatedly tried to “dance on him” while attempting to take money that Kadlick had placed on his table. After turning down Passmore for a third and final time, Kadlick said that the dancer–who had launched into a lap dance–told him that he had a “sweet receding hairline.” In response, Kadlick declared, “Yeah, and you’re a snaggle toothed bitch!” According to Kadlick and several witnesses interviewed by investigators, the 5’ 6” Passmore then “got up and started striking [Kadlick] in the face…approximately 5-6 times.” Kadlick and his friends then left the club and police were called. When an officer arrived, they found Kadlick holding a towel full of ice against his face. A cop reported observing “a welt coming from the area of left eyebrow.” Passmore claimed that she struck Kadlick in response to being pushed by him (though there were no witnesses to corroborate that assertion). Passmore was then arrested and transported to jail where she was released on bond.

I’m with Stephen Jackson’s kid sister here. I mean the name of the strip game is to get that money. If some balding loser is gonna hang around taunting the talent with all his cash on the table, any respectable Masters dancer is gonna keep circling back to twerk on his hairline. Persistence pays the bills. It’s her job to blue-ball their patrons, not the other way around. Ernest deserved his beat down. Hell, he asked for it. Anyone who knows anything about strip club etiquette knows you give in after three tries. Just cough up the $20, get a little titty glitter on your face & everybody wins. It’s not a place to get mad. No reason to be disrespectful and crack on her snaggle tooth like you’re Brad Pitt. You’re not nursing $10 Bud Lights to give dental exams, you’re there to solicit prostitution or cream in your shorts. Don’t be such a dick.

UPDATE – get a load of this dude: