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Fred Hoiberg Thought His Pacemaker Was Going To Explode At Midnight Madness Because Of Rick Ross

Well, this would be a hell of a start for the Fred Hoiberg era at Nebraska. I mean this is just cruel. I get you’re doing this all for recruiting and the players. But you gotta remember, Fred Hoiberg fucking hates recruiting.

But here’s the other thing. He’s out here saying Adidas got Rick Ross to play at Nebraska:

Call me crazy, but with Kansas getting nailed with major allegations and a ton of other schools expected to all because of Adidas arranging players to go there, I’d leave that part out. Maybe just say Rick Ross loves Nebraska? Maybe just say you’re a huge fan and coordinated it. I’d say almost anything but that Adidas arranged it.

I will say this. The thought of this man:

Listening and being a fan of this man cracks me up:

I am thrilled that Fred is back in college hoops again. I loved his teams at Iowa State. Now he’s in a somewhat similar setting in terms of not having a massive recruiting base around his campus, a real good home court advantage (though it’s not Hilton). He’ll bring in a bunch of transfers most likely, play uptempo and make Nebraska entertaining.

That is assuming a rapper doesn’t kill him via bass.