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The Diego Maradona documentary debuts on HBO tonight and apparently it's one of the best sports documentaries ever

Honestly I just heard about this documentary this weekend but from what I've seen it is supposed to be one of the best sports docs ever. Seemingly everyone and their mother is raving about it online and I've bought into the hype.

The documentary glosses over the boring stuff (the early part of his career at Boca Juniors and Barcelona) and immediately goes into his introductory press conference at Napoli with a reporter asking him about the Camorra (pretty much the mafia in Naples).

The Camorra was pretty big in Naples at the time, they also were big Napoli fans. So I'm sure they played a minor role with helping notorious party boy Diego Maradona elevate that status. From what I've read, this isn't a cookie cutter career documentary, it follows his life and struggles, the soccer part is a background piece. Hopefully we don't have to watch both of his goals against England from the World Cup (hand of god and his stupendous solo goal) for the millionth time.

All of the clips used for the documentary are old clips that his ex-wife Claudia had stored in a trunk. Kind've throwing him a little under the bus no? I suppose when big wigs come asking for for footage you give it to them. The quality of the footage is apparently really good too, thanks to the sitting in said trunk untouched for years. It's a little odd that the clips took so long to come out but at least they did come out instead of wasting away in some Argentinian lady's house.

As a big time soccer guy I will definitely be watching this tonight. I can't wait to see all of the shit that he used to get into. All of the drugs, all of the booze, and all of the trouble.