There Is No Coming Back From Someone Putting You On A Poster With A Nasty 360 Dunk

Working on the internet, specifically the basketball internet, you tend to see a lot of highlight videos. In 2019, if you don’t capture it on camera and go viral, does it even happen? As someone who has watched quite a few dunk videos in his day, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone pull off a 360 poster like this video. I audibly gasped when I watched it the first time through. Normally you get these attempts and they don’t finish the dunk, but we have a real life murder on our hands here. I mean what was the dude in blue thinking here? I would love to know the thought process because you can tell almost immediately he regrets his decision. As he should. You get that committed you’re in a tough spot because you aren’t going to be a dick and hit your friend in the air and potentially hurt him, but you’re also realizing you made a big time mistake and are about to go viral for all the wrong reasons. Tough to come back from this one, may as well pick up a new sport all together.

This play actually reminded me of that time in 2016 when DeMar DeRozan actually tried this shit in a real life game playing Team USA

which would have been real sick if he was able to complete the poster.

Normally when you see someone pull off a 360 they are by themselves on a break or something of that nature. To catch a body while also flawlessly executing this rather difficult dunk is what takes it to another level for me. The man who pulled off this basketball murder is Richard McCalop Jr who played for Southwestern Oklahoma State, and a quick google search reveals that he is not shy when it comes to putting people on a poster

Credit to this dude, he can fly