I'm Sad That We Could Be Witnessing the Next Great Patriots Spying Scandal But No One Seems to Care

NY PostThe team that brought you Spygate seems to be up to no good.

A pair of Patriots assistant coaches, including Bill Belichick’s son, Brian, was escorted off the field by Bills head coach Sean McDermott before New England’s 16-10 win in Orchard Park.

McDermott appeared to be upset that the two members of the Patriots staff were lurking on the sidelines even after the New England players had exited the field following warmups.

Fox News
It wasn’t clear what the Patriots staffers were actually doing on the field when McDermott was rushing them off.

However, the Patriots have been penalized in the past for some controversial practices, including in 2007 for videotaping an opposing team’s defensive coaches’ signals from an unauthorized location while Tom Brady was suspended four games for his alleged role in the Deflategate controversy in 2014.

The Cool Kids of the Sports InternetThe Patriots stay Patriotsing. … While not an actual rule-breaking act, it’s common courtesy for the visiting team’s coaches to leave the field before the home team finishes warming up. If there’s one thing an NFL coach can’t abide by, it’s a break of decorum. Then again, what else would you expect from a Belichick?

This is it? The son of the coach who haunts your every step is spying on an opponents’ warmups and this is all I get? Bill Belichick is so supernaturally terrifying that insects and worms crawl out of the soil to escape his presence everywhere he steps, his own offspring is doing his evil bidding to the point a rival coach is screaming at him to be gone. And all we’re treated to is a few snarky -Gate references?

Come on now, America. You can do better than that. Where’s the outrage? Where’s the guts? This calls for a hysterical overreaction and you guys can barely work up the journalist equivalent of an eyeroll emoji.

Please don’t tell me the Patriots have finally broken these guys. It’ll take all some of the fun out of the winning if I find out no one has the will to accuse them of cheating on a massive scale and demand the league step in and put an end to it. I can’t help but think that one or two Super Bowl wins ago, if the spawn of the one they call Belichick was caught “lurking” (A+ word usage) where he wasn’t supposed to be, the media would be doing a hell of a lot more than talking about “common courtesy.” They’d be calling for Impeachment hearings, with Whistleblower McDermott as the star witness. There’d be demands for immediate, year long suspension, not of Belichick’s progeny but the Dark Lord himself. At the very least they’d want us to kiss next year’s 1st Round pick goodbye, if not take all 1st Rounders in perpetuity and hand them over to Buffalo as restitution for this nefarious act of cheating.

The big story in all this is the fact this isn’t a story. They’ve come up with so many phony baloney -Gates over the years and none of them have worked. So now it feels kind of like they don’t have the fight in them any more. So at best this one will just get thrown into the mix with all the others the next time ESPN is doing a scroll of the times they were “caught” cheating. Like the non-existent Rams Super Bowl walk through tape they still mention like it really happened. What a crushing disappointment. Hopefully the next scandal they’re involved in – in the next week or so I’m sure – will have more legs than this one did.