Remember That Chick Who Quit Her Job With Her Viral Video? Well Her Bosses Just Faced Her With Their Own Version

NBC – Next Media Animation has responded to a former employee’s rap-inspired resignation video by posting an interpretive dance of its own. After almost two years of creating news videos for the Taiwan-based company, Marina Shifrin took to YouTube to express her work grievances, posting a video in which she dances out her issues with the job to Kanye West’s hit song “Gone.” The quit video, which criticizes her former boss for caring more about quantity than quality when it comes to content, quickly went viral, attracting more than 9 million views to date. The company’s new parody counters many of Shifrin’s complaints by showing current employees working during an eight-hour shift and eating at their desks only because there aren’t any restaurants nearby. The dance fest ends with an announcement that NMA is hiring. NMA Commerical Director Mark Simon has also been fielding questions about the company onGawker since Shifrin, a Chicago native, posted her video. Simon told one user that he hoped to squash rumors claiming NMA is filled with employers who use their employees. He said some have even likened the company to a sweat shop. Views on Shifrin’s video have crept up to more than 9 million, while NMA’s video rests at about 500,000. However, it’s definitely safe to say NMA isn’t breeding great dancers.

Hold the phone. Wait just a fucking minute. The company this chick worked for that she was complaining so much about was the goddam Taiwanese animation video company?? Thats like the fakest job in the world. You just take any news story and you make a racist Asian video about it. That shit is actually fucking fun. Thats a pretty cool job as far as jobs go. This would be like if I made an obnoxious video quitting Barstool Sports like “For the past 4 years I sacrificed everything to blog about celebrity asses and trying to get anal sex from girls and all my boss cares about is website hits and advertising!” Bitch you were making fun of Chinese people and celebrities in the news and shit. Shit could be worse you whiny broad.

Anyway you just got faced by your bosses. “We are in the middle of an 8 hour shift and STILL at worl” = faced. “We have a rooftop pool and a sauna” = faced. Dropping that “We’re hiring” bomb in your eye = faced. NMA is probably getting flooded with people who wanna leave their boring ass job to make viral videos. Plus look at their fucking bathrooms:

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 3.13.39 PM


Look at those stalls! They’re not even stalls! They’re like private rooms. I wouldn’t quit ANY job that had a safe haven like that to shit in.

I’m a defender of all things Cube Monkey but this bitch cried wolf. She worked for 2 years at a pretty fun up and coming internet video company. Shit could be worse toots.