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Old School Advertisements Told Women To Use Lysol As Birth Control And Feminine Hygiene Product

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DoYouRemember – Vintage ads can be both hilarious and shocking, and some of the most often passed around old ads are these ones about women using “‘Lysol’ brand disinfectant” for “feminine hygiene.”  The ad had women claiming, “I use Lysol always for douching.” At the time, Lysol was “an antiseptic soap whose pre-1953 formula contained cresol, a phenol compound reported in some cases to cause inflammation, burning, and even death,” says Mother Jones, and the thought of using that for douching is enough to make anybody wince. Of course, as Wade points out, this still wasn’t a good idea: Lysol might have been corrosive to the sperm but it also damaged tissue inside the woman. And in fact the Lysol used back then was far stronger than our Lysol is today. Hundreds of people died from Lysol exposure, some of them women using it as birth control.


Ladies listen I’m a progressive guy. I’m not gonna sit here and tell you we should throw it back to the 1950s Mad Men world and you should all shove a Lysol air freshener up your pussy. But I’m gonna tell you one thing from these advertisements that still rings true. A few worlds that are timeless.

A man marries a woman because he loves her. So instead of blaming him if married love begins to cool, she should question herself. 

Capice? Take that as you wish. It can mean different things to different chicks. If you wanna Febreze your pussy or douche with some Scrubbing Bubbles to keep your “dainty feminine allure” to save your marriage, than so be it. Probably can’t hurt. But its just a general rule of thumb that if shit is going south in your relationship, you shouldn’t blame your man. You should question yourself. Maybe its because you were once attentive and pleasant and now you’re lazy and a pest. Maybe you used to put effort into your appearance and now you’re slacking. Maybe its because you used to use soda to clean your pussy and you should have been using a hydrogen peroxide disinfectant. Bottom line is you should be questioning yourself.