Since None of Our Philly Guys/Fran Have Mentioned It I Guess I'll Mention The Pink Elephant In the Room...It Appears Joel Embid Hates Philly Fans

Listen I know I’m the newest Philly fan in the office. That’s why I wanted to give Smitty or Rone or Fran or Jordie the chance to tackle this subject before I jumped on it. But since none of them are seemingly going to mention it I figured I should. It appears that Joel Embid now hates Philadelphia fans. Last night he was openly rooting for the Packers and then threatened to have his teammate and Philly Killer Mike Scott beat up anybody who chirped him. Eagles fans responded by saying nobody gives a fuck about the Sixers to begin with and this is a football town.

And on and on it went. The entire city of Philadelphia trying to run Joel Embid out of town just like how the entire city of Philadelphia tried to beat up Mike Scott because he is a Redskins fan. Personally I hate to see it. Professional athletes should be able to root for whoever they want. We as fans shouldn’t try to fight them, bully them, harass them, throw batteries at them etc. I know that’s been the Philly way for years, but times are changing. The new Philly under my leadership is about acceptance and understanding. I just hope all these Eagles fans who are telling Joel Embid to get the fuck out of town don’t try to jump on the Sixers bandwagon in a few months. I know who you are and you are no longer welcome.