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There's A Group Dedicated To Catching The "Lake Michigan Water Monster" And I Need In

The “Lake Michigan Water Monster.”  Just when you think you’re safe.

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 12.28.39 PM

This is big. I’ve been looking for something to scratch my itch ever since the Gator Hunt ended. I find a way to bring it up in almost every blog. And then this flyer was floating through the winds of Twitter and smacked me in the face. I wasted no time after.

From me:

Hey hows it going. I saw your flyer downtown today and am just here to report that I saw something suspicious in Lake Michigan about 3 weeks ago. Not sure if it’s the Lake Michigan monster, might have just been another alligator, but its still something. I want to help with the hunt however. Could you tell me more about what you guys are doing here and how you’re gonna go about it? 



From “Collective Abyss”:

Hi Dan,

There have been reports of something in the water.

Please watch this video taken earlier this summer. 

We have been getting tons of calls/emails/messages in of people seeing multi-legged creatures or a long brown eel like creature.  We are trying to start a network and collect stories.  We will keep you up to date.

Thank you for your interest,


The attached video:

From me:

Thank you for sharing. Based off that footage it almost appears to be something lifeless. Maybe a piece of material that went overboard. Do you guys hold meetings or anything for discussion?



In hindsight I kind of fucked up with that last email. Never go full skeptic. But if we’re gonna work together we need to be serious. I’m doing everything I can to become part of the force already so I can get some blog recaps started, but they have yet to reply back. Not sure if the silence is good or bad. Based off of previous experiences they could be doing a background check on me as we speak. In the meantime, any potential monster sightings that anyone in Chicago can send me to show to these guys would really help me get my foot through the door with them. Would come in huge on initiation night too. Appreciate it.