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The Wednesday Self Help Guide - Split Decision

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Its the Wednesday Self Help Guide featuring Chicks doing splits. Amen. Plus some bonus coverage from the meatheads on describing their experiences with smokes stretching at the gym…scroll down to the bottom for their own life lessons.















Lets see what the bodybuilding bros have to say about this…


Thread: Girls in gym with spandex, doing “stretches” do you take a peak?


From Non30: Saw these 2 hot girls in the “body weight” area laying down doing leg raises and what not. I went to the other side to stretch and looked over to them a few times I saw right between her legs but she had the tight spandex on and I immediately got thoughts of wanting to go over there and bang her so bad…

I felt kind of bad about it though cuz people are there to workout and exercise and I was peaking at her ass and puss.


From Cs21: why feel bad. She was wearing SPANDEX

From Hilllt3000: I try not to stare, I use mirrors and my peripheral vision and keep the image in my spank bank.

From Isyn: hell yes god yes with a yes in every type of form yes i will fuck her yes and tell her to her face

From HardNutCheck : Go up and tell them what you’ll do to their pussy.

From BrawnySwolMan: I stare until they become uncomfortable with my ugliness.

From CleavageGobbler: I don’t just take a peek, I take a piece.

Meatheads? More like geniusheads.