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Elon Musk Warns That The A.I. Takeover Will Start On Social Media With "Annonymous Bot Swarms" And I'm Officially Scared

(Source)–Anonymous bot swarms deserve a closer examination. If they’re evolving rapidly, something is up’, reads the second tweet.

Musk is suggesting that the bot armies could make bot accounts more convincing or effective.

It is not just artificial intelligence that Musk is worried about — he worries about a robot takeover.

Responding to footage of a six-foot back-flipping robot released in 2017, the Tesla CEO spoke of the need to control development of AI, or else it could be ‘sweet dreams’ for mankind.

It’s a little too early in the day to be worried about the fate of all mankind, but here we are. And when I say “all mankind” what I really mean is that I’m worried about myself and my future. I listen to a lot of podcast and read articles about the future and A.I. and all that shit and I never really cared. They talk about how A.I. robots are going to come in and take everyone’s job. No more truckers, no more Amazon workers, no more anything. Me…pfft. I am safe. That’s dangerous? I laugh in the face of danger

All you people out there losing your jobs to computers and robots, well that just frees you up to surf the internet and click on my blogs more and that puts money in my pocket. AI is a win for me. I am what they call a “creative”. I write blogs. Like this one right now. Is it good? Probably not, but you clicked on it. Could a robot do it? I don’t think so. Or at least I didn’t think so. I thought I was safe for at least a generation. Now Elon is saying that the AI Bot Swarm, which is a scary term all by itself, is going to start on social media. THAT’S WHERE I LIVE. THAT IS WHERE I EAT. I don’t even know how to do instagram. I post stories and pictures of my dog. That is it. AI Robots could probably get more followers than me in a week with an alogorythm that makes pithy and relatable memes about dogs just like my dog. Beating me at my own game. The robots know I am weak on instagram. That’s probably why they’re always propositioning me for sex in my DMs. They’re trying to lure me in, give me a virus, and then take my job. Not a good time to be Chief right now. I’ll have to get my resume ready to go back to doing sales and saying things like “self-starter” and “independent thinker who works well in a team environment”. Yuck.

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