Member Of The Motorcycle Mob Who Was Run Over By The Range Rover Paralyzed And Looking For Fundraiser Donations

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GoFundMe Fundraiser

This situation keeps getting messier and messier by the second. Look I feel for this guy’s wife and his daughter. They weren’t out there in a mob on the highway. They’re probably devastated.

But this is the type of unfortunate stuff that can happen when your motorcycle mob surrounds a man with his wife and kid in the car on the highway. Maybe those biker assholes just planned on scaring the guy and then eventually driving off and having a good laugh about it. But that guy in the SUV felt justifiably threatened and scared, felt the need to protect his family, and as he fled what was a dangerous situation this guy has been horribly injured. This dude and his gang were the aggressors. You painted that driver into a corner, he reacted, and this is the damage that was done. We’ve got one guy in the hospital with a slashed face, another in the hospital paralyzed, and multiple families traumatized all because 50 fucking assholes wanted to pretend to be the Ruff Ryders. Its unfortunate for that little girl and her mother, but that driver was only doing what he thought he had to do to protect his own wife and his own daughter.