Katina Taylor Is "Excited" To Represent Women In Their 40s In The SI Swim Search

As a 33-year-old woman, I am honored to have Katina Taylor out there representing women in general, but the fact that she’s 43, has three children, and is still in better shape than most women of ANY age, well that’s big time #goals to live up to.

And it couldn’t have happened to a kinder person.

About 8/9 years ago, I waited on her and her then-husband, Jason Taylor. She was incredibly loquacious and, for whatever reason, actually cared about some random ass girl that was serving her steak. She asked a lot of questions, got excited when she realized I was also from Texas, and offered to put me in contact with people in Miami, where she had previously done some reporting. You don’t forget people like Katina.

I hope she ends up on the cover of SI.